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About Us

USAID official, Brock Bierman, talking with one of the AH classes.  He indicated that he was "very impressed" by what he saw.

From its inception, the goal of the American Home project has been to make a positive contribution to Russia's transition from a "command" political and economic system to an open and flexible pluralist system capable of meeting the legitimate needs of the Russian public.

Visitors to the American Home who are familiar with other foreign projects in Russia regularly comment on how remarkable it is that we have managed to stay in operation since 1992 and have found ways to get so much done. Several visitors have noted that we are accomplishing more with our limited resources than many much more costly projects.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

~Margaret Mead


Follow the links at the top of this page to learn more of our history and to meet our staff!

US Embassy official on visiting the American Home in 2010:
"We weren't even remotely prepared for what we saw -- an American-style  house, filled top-to-bottom with kids learning English with the guidance of American teachers!  We stayed long enough [to see] adults appear after their workday to learn English with their peers….  What you've done… is truly incredible -- the excitement and positive energy that we witnessed…was something I'd rarely seen before.   You deserve hearty congratulations…!"

Our main goals: To do the best possible job with each project we take on, to remain flexible, and to provide assistance whenever and wherever we reasonably can in ways that ultimately benefit the Russian people and enhance Russian-American mutual understanding and cooperation.

Every year we attempt to make improvements in our English program. We are working hard to expand and improve our Intensive Russian program. And we try to make positive contributions to each of the "special projects" where we attempt to provide assistance — such as tourism development, educational exchanges, and support for the regional basketball program.

"We were new to the concept of the American Home. Its reputation and accomplishments were amazing to us. We know that if our recommendations [regarding tourism development] become reality, it will be due not only to the desire of the city officials to make changes, but to the hard work of the American Home staff and the AH's fine reputation and what it means to the people of Vladimir. That relationship has to be one of the most successful that any American organization has developed in Russia, and we marvel at the commitment of the people who have worked so hard and remain committed to its success."
~ Karen Hasara, former mayor of Springfield, Illinois and a member of the "Tourism Development Team"

"The American Home in Vladimir is an exciting, vibrant bridge to Russian citizens...."
~ Marilyn Kennedy, fall 2005

"[T]he scope of the American Home operation is more complicated, time-consuming, respected, and needed in Vladimir than one might judge by the modest dimensions of the house itself."
~ D. Nemec Ignashev, Class of 1941 Professor of Russian and the Liberal Arts, Carleton College

"As a resource that allows American students and faculty to gain in-depth and sustained exposure to the intricacies of Russian culture, and allows Russians to learn first-hand about America, its language, and culture, the American Home is unparalleled. "
~ Alexander Ogden, Associate Professor of Russian and Comparative Literature, Russian Program Director, University of South Carolina

Our success rests on the shoulders of the excellent AH Russian staff, the extremely hardworking teachers in our English program, the former teachers now helping manage the operation, and the American specialists — in construction (who built the American Home), healthcare, tourism, music, recreation, and other areas — who have volunteered their time and expertise to our “special projects.”

Click here to take a photographic tour of the American Home, and click here to watch our introductory video (Click on Part 1).

Click here to download some extended comments about the American Home. (Once the file has downloaded, click on it to open.)

Click here to download a complete history of the American Home.

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