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We hope you enjoy the following articles, written by various individuals who have worked with the American Home over the years. Please check back periodically, as we add more articles as they are written!
Additionally, our archive of Alumni Newsletters can be viewed here.

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Russian Exchange Students Visit Mahomet

To Russia With Love: ISU professor's project is a lasting institution in Vladimir

Alumni Profile: Dom sweet dom

Criminal Justice Students Travel to Russia: A Graduate Student's Perspective

Diary of Karen Porter, an American Lawyer in Murom, Russia

The American Home English Program:  Participant Comments & Observations

A History of the Vladimir Region for Visitors

Excerpts from Meredith Clason's Blog, June 2008

Excerpt from AATSEEL NEWSLETTER Vol. 51, Issue 1 February 2008

Developing Tourism by Karen Hasara, with Bruce Wicks and Katya Lakshtanova

Bringing Traditional Russian Art to the States by Tom Murdoch

Youth Heading for Trouble: Can Leisure Help in Vladimir, Russia? by Barbara Elwood Schlatter,
Marta K. Moorman, and Yelena Bychkovskikh, March 2006

Teacher Thankful for Fulbright-Hays Experience in Russia by Jessica Branco, August 2005

UI Team Gives Tourism Tips to Russian City by Greg Kline, The News Gazette, February 2005

A Home Away From Home by Norm Manzer, 2005

Hidden Treasures in Vladimir by Marylin Miller, 2005

A Dream Coming True, The Story of Masha Yumatova, October 2004

Vladimir Tourism Team Report by Bruce Wicks, Karen Hasara and Katya Lakshtanova, August 2004

City of Vladimir Recreation Project by Marta Moorman and Barb Schlatter, September 2004

Thoughts on a Vladimir Adventure by Marta Moorman and Barb Schlatter, October 2004

A Russian Host's Toast to an American Guest by Irina Sadovnikova, October 2004

Letter from Civil Society International Executive Director M. Holt Ruffin, March 2001

Letter from Gus Wilhelmy, March 2001

Such Friendship: Who is Harassing the American Home? by Viktoria Kirillova, February 1999

The value of the American Home in Vladimir, Russia by Charity Ryabinkin, 1999

NATO Bombing did not keep the American Charity from Marrying the Russian Roma by Elena Smirnova, 1999

We Hope We Haven't Come Here to Reinvent the Bicycle by V. Tikhomirova, 1994

American Slides Are Not Play Houses on Little Chicken Feet by U. Dreizin, 1993

We Have Slid on a Little Slide by T. Kuzina, 1993

Articles by Serendipity President, Dr. Ron Pope:

Russian-American Law Enforcement Exchanges: What One Program Has Accomplished by Dr. Ron Pope, 2004

An Excessively Bleak View of Russia? a review by Dr. Ron Pope, 2004

Business Success in the NIS: The Essential Role of Public Relations by Dr. Ron Pope, June 2000

An Illinois Yankee in Tsar Yeltsin's Court: Justice in Russia by Dr. Ron Pope, Fall 1999

Rule of Law and Russian Culture - Are They Compatible? by Dr. Ron Pope, 1999

What is to be done? by Dr. Ron Pope, 1998

Dr. Ron Pope's Resume

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